Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Power of Photoshop

help the ugly since 1990~


main main sama poto editing di photoshop.. gila hasilnya bisa berubah banyak banget.. o_0 yang kupraktekin baru basic.. tapi udah kayak facelift..

buat apa operasi plasti kalo ada photoshop? hahahah KAMPRED
tapi masih harus banyak belajar nih.. hasilnyah masih berkesan flat.. >_>a


  1. matanyah kayak kucing!!

  2. 8O s'a pretty boy! geeze chie, you keep it from us all this time LOL

    you've PS'd it really well, can't tell where the adjustments have been made (i mean i know a few), did you use the clone stamp tool and blur?

    skin tone on face needed a little adjusting - it's a bit over exposed, but s'all good :)

  3. haha ces thats not me. thats photoshoped.. >_>
    and photoshop edit change a lotsa feaures like acne, scar,mustache,fat on the cheek,panda eyes *lol

    the skin colour also make it look like its have hepatitis ahahah
    I have to learn photo edit more.. XD

  4. XD i know chie, i was joking :3 *cuddles* but you still have to have the basics to photoshop it like that (such preeeeeetty eyes) LOL

    hehe yeah the scars were the ones i noticed missing! didn't wanna be a tough guy huh? but a mustache would look so funny on you :O

    hmm yeah the skin needs a bit more red and maybe the yellow reduced to lighten it as well? you can create a history state, adjust the whole image, then use the art history brush to take back the parts of the image you don't want changed - it's easier than selecting the skin area and doing it that way :)

  5. okay ces, thank you for the input.. XD I will try to do more photo editing next time.. but its kinda boring and make me feel..
    DAMN! I wish the real one look this good.. =_=a

    but then it will be looking like that Bruce wills movie surrogate? so fake.. and not human.. ^^;

  6. i think you're adorable just the way you are :3 *pets*

    ahh i love photo editing - especially restoring old photos! >w< it was the best part of my classes i took, and i have heaps of resources (tutorials, tips, etc...) if you ever need any!

  7. Archie...are boy or a girl? Your picture is looks androgyny for me 0_0

  8. Archie...are you a boy or a girl? Your picture looks so androgyny for me 0_0 (kayak Putri Felicia hihihi)